Good reasons to choose Total Healthcare PHO

  • We measure up well against international best practice.
  • We meet the terms of an independent audit agreement.
  • Our care is highly sought after by high-needs patients.
  • We’re friendly and professional.

As a PHO, Total Healthcare gives member GP clinics what they need to improve their patients’  health and wellbeing. It’s our job to make sure patients in the regions we cover have access to affordable, high-quality services, and that the clinics they attend largely meet their targets in clinical and social service delivery. Total Healthcare is a high performing PHO.

Our mission

To work in partnership with our communities to improve the health status of all, with particular emphasis on high-needs populations including Māori, Pacific and Asian communities.

Our values

Diversity: We treat people with respect, including understanding individual and cultural differences. 

Equity: Total Healthcare collaborates with other health providers to provide more effective services. We work to provide affordable and accessible services, including after-hours services.  

Wellness: We aim for total wellness, caring for the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of our patients. Total Healthcare actively seeks innovative and better ways to deliver services to improve health. We provide high quality, community-based healthcare services 

Maori Health Plan

  • Encompasses and meets the needs of the enrolled Māori population.
  • Works within the current plans and strategies for the PHO’s enrolled population.
  • Identifies aspects that are relevant to Māori and how Māori can be served within the current plans for PHO’s enrolled population.

“He toa takitini taku toa, ehara i te toa takitahi”

My successes are not through my individual effort alone, but rather through the combined efforts of many

Pasifika Health Plan

  • Dignity and sacredness of life are integral to the delivery of health and disability services.
  • Active participation of Pasifika in all levels of health and disability services is encouraged and supported.
  • Successful Pasifika services recognise the integral roles of Pasifika leadership and community.
  • Pasifika people are entitled to excellent health and disability services that are coordinated, culturally competent and clinically sound.

Our vision is that Pasifika people and communities will have increased levels of wellbeing and health through increased levels of physical activity along with healthier eating.

Our mission is to support the wellbeing of Pasifika people through the delivery of health initiatives that work alongside and build the capacity of Pasifika people to lead the way.

For more information:
You are welcome to contact me personally in one of these ways:

Physical: 2/12 Laidlaw Way, East Tamaki, Auckland 2016
Postal: PO Box 61 047, Otara,  Auckland, 2159
Phone:  +64 9 271 5371

Naku iti nei
Mark Vella