Focus on jobs for school leavers
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South Auckland’s Tangaroa College has tackled the uncertainty of the job market for school leavers in 2020 with a practical transition programme, in which Total Healthcare and Local Doctors Otara played a key role.

Just under three-quarters of the school’s year 13 cohort goes straight from school into the workplace. This led Tangaroa’s teachers to work with MSD to develop opportunities across a range of industry sectors that would give its students – 83% Pasifika and 14% Māori - an edge in the changing post-lockdown job market.

The aim was to build knowledge and experience of the opportunities that exist for school leavers, but also to formally recognise their participation.

We provided workplace experience to two students in the novel scheme that rewarded participants with a “learners licence” accreditation as well as boosting their confidence and broadening their experience. 

Donzaleigh Levi and Zakariah Tulua spent time observing and assisting our women’s health coordinator, Fagaiofu Sisifo, and our men’s heart health promoter, Nick Cudilla, before spending time with the health coaching and nursing team at Local Doctors Otara.

Work experience opportunities were also offered by other healthcare providers as well as businesses in the building, manufacturing, warehousing, retail, hospitality and security industries. Students gained associated certification for site safe and forklift experience, food and hygience and first aid training.

The initiative’s success can be measured by the fantastic enthusiasm and support from the 107 students involved.

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