Wellness support

If you have signs of stress or low mood that do not go away after a few weeks, it’s important to talk to someone about it. We have successful programmes to help people experiencing mental distress.

How we can help

We all experience stress and challenges in our lives, which can make us feel helpless, sad, worried or angry, interfere with our normal sleeping and eating habits, make us lose interest in friends, family and our favourite activities and can have other negative effects on our wellbeing.

If you have signs of stress that do not go away after a few weeks, it’s important to talk to someone about it.  

Support from your Local Doctors clinic

Our GPs can give you advice and support about how to manage your stress and challenges. You may be prescribed medication to help relieve some of your symptoms, and you might also be referred to a therapist for some funded counselling sessions.

We also run group programmes and, if you are struggling with social or financial issues, you may be referred to support from a community support worker. 

The Wellness Support Team

Wellness Support teamIf your doctor or nurse thinks you would benefit, they may recommend that you engage with our Wellness Support Team. 

The team provides funded psychiatry assessments/medication reviews, therapy packages, brief wellness advisor consults, health coaches and group programmes to help with mental and or physical health problems. It can provide tools and resources to help you learn to manage your stress, difficult challenges and emotions. 

The Wellness Support Team is led by well-known and respected consultant psychiatrist Dr David Codyre, who has spent many years leading the development of effective mental health programmes in general practices.

The team has a range of psychologists and therapists who are able to offer support to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families across Auckland.

Mindfulness and Awareness Aotearoa Programme

This wellness course combines mindfulness, meditation and psychology to help you and your family:

  • manage stress, anxiety, depression, anger and grief
  • respond wisely to difficult circumstances
  • reduce stress at work and at home
  • grow in self-awareness, self-compassion and resilience  
  • cope with chronic pain and illness in helpful ways
  • sleep better and learn to relax body and mind.

Mindfulness and Awareness Aotearoa is offered across Auckland during the day and evening. If you are interested in attending a mindfulness course, phone April Kerslake on 09 274 7823 ext 9978 or april.kerslake@tamakihealth.co.nz.

Self-management Education Programme

Manage Better is a peer-led self-management course for anyone who has a long-term condition or is a caregiver for someone with a long-term condition such as diabetes, depression, chronic pain, heart disease, asthma or anxiety.

You will learn self-management techniques ‒ from someone who has been on the same journey as you ‒ such as planning, healthy eating and exercising, sleeping, working with healthcare providers, problem solving and decision making to help manage your health condition. 

Courses are held in English, Hindi and Tongan. We also offer a kaupapa Māori course.

To find out more, phone Rita Tai  09 274 7823 ext 9540 or email rita.tai@tamakihealth.co.nz.

For further information about our mental wellness programmes, contact Pallavi Mishra 09 274 7823 ext 9522 or email pallavi.mishra@tamakihealth.co.nz.

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