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How we can help

We all experience stress, difficulty emotions and challenges in our lives. They can make us feel helpless, sad, worried, and angry. They may interfere with our daily habits, make us lose interest in things we enjoy, and can have other negative effects on our wellbeing.

If you have signs of stress that do not go away after a few weeks, it’s important to talk to someone about it.  

Support from your Local Doctors clinic

Our GPs can give you advice and support about how to manage your stress and challenges.

The Wellness Support Team

The team has a range of individual and group support services available. All support services provided by the Wellness Support Team are free and fully funded for registered patients of Local Doctors, Whitecross and Bettr.

For general enquiries please email wstadmin@tamakihealth.co.nz


There are a team of therapists who provide individual therapy. A few also work with children and adolescents, couples, relationships and whānau. They support people from all walks of life. People from all backgrounds (cultures, ethnicities, languages, sexual orientations, ages, etc) will be warmly welcomed and treated with respect.

Therapy involves talking to a trained professional about challenges you may be experiencing. Our therapists are skilled at embedding skills, strategies and helpful activities that can enhance your day to day function, support your challenges, and help with your wellbeing.

Your GP or Wellness Advisor can refer you to our therapy team.

Aotearoa Mindfulness and Awareness/Mauri Tau me te Māramatanga Mindfulness-based course

Our 6-week courses take a look at holistic wellbeing through an integration of mindfulness meditation, teachings from Te Ao Māori, psychology and medical science.

The evidence-based course is proven to help reduce stress, improve sleep, manage emotions, improve relationships, grow resilience and self-compassion, and experience inner peace.

Your GP, Nurse, Wellness Advisor or Health Coach can refer you to our mindfulness-based courses or you can self-refer.

You can contact the team via email mtm.amaadmin@tamakihealth.co.nz

Here is what participants have said about the course:

  • Through this programme I’ve been able to get back to feeling like myself again. I’ve been able to learn about being in the moment and not so stuck in the past/future. My overall wellbeing has improved but mainly my mental and spiritual wellbeing. I’m also happy that we were emailed the resources so we can use it when we need to.
  • Discover and understand your internal self-more, and find new coping strategies for problem solving and for the integrity of your inner peace.
  • This programme has helped me to reconsider how I look at life ahead of me, especially since I have had to undergo treatment (and I am still undergoing treatment) for a health issue, that usually is seen or considered as life-limiting.

Self-Management Education programme

Our 6-week self-management education course can be helpful for anyone who has a long-term condition (physical and/or mental health) or is a caregiver for someone with a long-term condition/s.

It is a space to learn tools on how to better manage your long-term condition/s through action planning, decision making, and problem solving. The group touches on healthy eating, physical activity, communication skills, dealing with emotions, and how to effectively work alongside our healthcare providers.

Your GP, Nurse, Wellness Advisor or Health Coach can refer you to our self-management education courses or you can self-refer.

You can contact the team via email wstadmin@tamakihealth.co.nz or rita.tai@tamakihealth.co.nz

Here is what participants have said about the course:

  • They are great facilitators who are friendly, informative and have lived experience.
  • Turned me from sorrowing about the past into being happy, active, not to take bad vibes from others personally. Speak up, keep moving forward and be positive.
  • Confidence to try new things to help better myself as a person and that we are never alone and to be aware of my health choices because it’s helpful for my mental health.
  • This programme done has encouraged me to keep on top of my health conditions with the tools and skills taught by our facilitators. I felt heard and seen, more than I have in a long time. Attending this SME kept me going and allowed me to set on-going goals every week which helped me feel like I had a purpose. I really enjoyed this programme and look forward to participating in more.

Men's Group 

Our 6-week men’s group is a combination of skills-based learning and a safe space for males to come together for support. 

It is a space to learn emotional regulation skills, effective communication skills, parenting skills, tools for self-reflection and a safe space to share life’s stressors with other like-minded men

Your GP, Nurse, Wellness Advisor or Health Coach can refer you to our Men’s Group or you can self-refer.

Here is what participants have said about the group:

  • It helps to understand thoughts and feelings. It is an open forum and you can share as much as you want. It is a non-judgemental group.
  • Attend and show face. Great place to be, to learn more and know you aren't alone. Show you different ways to help and deal with situations.
  • A safe place to be real with other guys. Good skills to help get out of stuck situation. Learn things to be a better person.
  • A men's group can help you understand things about yourself that you might not understand trying to do it on your own. There are men out there that may have the same problems and can help you with it. This has changed myself. Two months ago I was in a bad place. Not going out for 2 years. Shut in my bedroom. Now I am out every day, I feel amazing.

You can contact the team via email wstadmin@tamakihealth.co.nz

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